Business simulation Netious Market Challenge

Welcome to Netious Market Challenge, the strategic game where you play a role of a manufacturer, a distributor, or a retailer. Business decisions allow you to manage your company risk free and fight for share and profit, before you'll conquer real markets.

How does it work?

Netious Market Game Challenge is a business simulation of the FMCG market. The financial results are influenced by decisions on prices, investment in marketing and innovation, but also the decisions of other players and the characteristics of the consumers in the market. All of this gives a definite profit level at the end.

Realistic settings

The game is based on business decisions, which are usually taken in real enterprises. Development of new products by manufacturers, products' listing and shelf allocation by distributors and retailers, the choice of sources of supply, discount programs, prices and positioning - you can influence all of these. The more detailed analysis of the situation and better informed decisions, the greater the chance of success in the virtual market.

Dynamic market

Each day is a separate period. After each day of the decision of all the players, the product- and store-level consumer demand is recalculated, the sale of all businesses, and resulting profit and loss statement. After each day you can analyze the reports, evaluate your own situation (and of competitors) and tune your business decisions. You stay in the game maintaining the market leader position, or correct mistakes and get to the top.

Real competitors

You are not alone in the market (as in the real world). Your decisions affect other players. Decisions of other players influence your results. You compete on the same product categories and, as a manufacturer, with different categories. Moreover, all players compete for limited consumers disposable income to spend.

Look and feel

Simple and transparent user interface helps to switch easily between decision forms and past performance reports.

You also have an impact on the look of the game - after logging in to the game panel, you can set the company logo developed with your team or on your own.

Who is this game for?

Netious Market Challenge combines the simplicity of the user interface with unlimited number of scenarios thanks to interactions between players. Gives pleasure, a sense of competition while also training market and competitive environment analysis, and thus making better business decisions.

Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of the different variants of the game, offering different levels of business complexity and interaction, and thus the decision complexity.

For absolutely free you can enjoy playing as a small retailer and making basic decisions. This option is recommended to everyone starting their adventure with the finances, running their own small businesses, or those who want to explore the world of the game a little bit before they decide to subscribe to its extended version.

You can also test for free each of the more complex modules (i.e. an offer for students and business) for 14 days.

Paid versions of the game allow you to use all its features. Not only business scale automatically becomes greater. You can be a manufacturer of any in-game product categories, a distributor, or manage a retail chain.

Decide on the prices, assortment, invest in the expansion your stores or in marketing communication, you can introduce new products to market as a producer, or request manufacturing of your own brand products as a distributor or retailer.

Extended options are available in the paid version of the game in one of the packages: student or business.