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Privacy policy

Netious.com uses "cookies". You have the possibility to determine the conditions of storage or access to this information by changing the "cookies" settings in your browser.

The cookies administrator is Netious.com Mateusz Chołaściński, ul. Gen. Józefa Wybickiego 47/1, 81-842 Sopot, Poland.

What are the "cookies"?

Cookies is information recorded by the visited website on the device used to view its contents. These are usually small text files:

  • specifying the domain for which they are used,
  • having a name that allows the service to identify the information sought,
  • having a value indicating a specific setting,
  • expiration time, i.e. after which the information contained in the file becomes obsolete.

For instance, the site netious.com uses cookie named "lang", contains the language preference information, and therefore can take values ​​“pl” or “en” (or any other two-letter designation of the language). This value is updated when the visitor changes the site display language in the language navigation bar.

Depending on their application, we can distinguish between the following cookies types:

  • Configuration, i.e. to facilitate the use of the service parameters configuration through memorizing the most convenient one for the user, such as the display language content, the choice of filters in the business simulation output reports of Netious Market Challenge (in the Netious Market Challenge game panel),
  • Session, including the so-called session key that allows the system to identify the user, and to access the content available only to registered users. Thus, the user can navigate through the content with limited access without having to enter credentials before entering every single page of the site.

Consent to the use of cookies

The user agrees to use the netious.com cookies through the use of the site and by using their browser settings. One can find and remove the cookies stored by the service on the visitor’s device by searching in the browser cookies configuration the "netious.com” sequence.

Other collected information

  1. The site automatically collects information about the user and the device parameters and the browser being used by the user, including the IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system. These data can be recorded in the form of "cookies", as well as by external tools, including Google Analytics, and can be stored in the server logs.
  2. Users who register on the site, provide the data necessary to identify and provide access to pages with limited access, such as e-mail, password, data of virtual businesses participating in the business simulation available on the website. These data are recorded in a database which is an integral part of the service
  3. Google Analytics is a tool that allows analysis of traffic parameters on the website. This tool is used to optimize the content of the website and to plan marketing activities.

Personal data

Personal data is registered in the website to the extent necessary to provide services (see Other collected information). The persons whose data is processed have the following rights, which can be implemented via e-mail communication to the address info@netious.com:

  • the right to be informed about processing operations,
  • the right of access,
  • the right to rectify / supplement data,
  • the right to delete data (the right to be forgotten),
  • the right to limit processing,
  • the right to transfer data,
  • the right to object,
  • the right not to be profiled.

Use of data

Data recorded during the use of the service by entering their user or automatically collected are used to:

  • Ensure the proper operation of the business simulation game, being a part of the service, including the service pages available for registered users only
  • Match the information displayed to the user's preferences
  • Process for research and prepare statistics for further service optimization or for marketing activities planning


Any questions regarding the privacy policy of the site should be addressed to info@netious.com.