of the Netious Market Challenge game

All prices shown are gross prices (include all taxes and fees). Effective date of the price-list: since 2017-12-18

Subscription fees

account period Price
standard* Indefinitely 0 EUR
premium* - all functionalities with
no need to buy points!
Monthly subscription PREMIUM 3.5 EUR
Quarterly subscription PREMIUM 10 EUR
Half-year subscription PREMIUM 15 EUR
Yearly subscription PREMIUM 25 EUR

*characteristics of standard and premium account in Terms of Service

Points packages for STANDARD account

Package / number of points Price
2 points 1 EUR
5 points 2 EUR
10 points 2.5 EUR
20 points 4.5 EUR
50 points 10 EUR
100 points 17 EUR

Points required to unlock functionalities (for the STANDARD account)

Functionality Required points
New brand (more than 1 per month) 2.00
New product (more than 1 per week) 5.00
Available filters in assortment management panel for re-sellers (indefinitely*) 10.00
Modification of a company logo (single change) 1.00
Modification of a company name (single change) 1.00
Export P&L data to csv (indefinitely*) 20.00
Export price monitoring data to csv (indefinitely*) 20.00

*no longer than for the duration of the Netious Market Challenge service