Own brand products

The process of ordering and manufacturing of own brand products is a multi-step interaction routine. It is initiated by a distributor or a retailer, who cannot manufacture themselves, but wish to manage their own products. They need then to ask a manufacturer (having proper production line)  to produce and sign a contract in the game so that both sides are satisfied by the conditions. After the request is sent, the manufacturer needs to review its capacity and strategy, and make sure the transaction price is to ensure right profitability. Once the terms are agreed and approved by the ordering business, the production starts. 

The main characteristics of the own brand products are:

  • Production profile (characteristics) and selling price from the manufacturer to the brand owner is fixed for a contract. Willingness to change any of them requires terminating old, and signing new contract.
  • The brand owner can stop ordering by terminating the contract, or temporarily suspend ordering instantly.
  • The manufacturer can terminate the contract three periods after sending the notice.

The process of ordering own brand products consists of the following steps:

  1. The ordering business in the own brand module selects new product, specifies the parameters, and sends the request to selected manufacturers. The information on sent request is to be shown in the own brand module in the lower part of the main table, together with the current status. The ordering business can any time cancel the request.
  2. The manufacturer can see the requests in the assortment module, below the main assortment table. It can reject the request, agree to the offer, or respond offering different transaction price. Before the brand owner finally agrees to the terms, the manufacturer can remove its offer or edit its details (price).
  3. The ordering business, after receiving offers from manufacturers can initiate finally the manufacturing process by accepting one of the offers in the own brand view. The order disappears from the list, a new product is added in the own brand and assortment views instead.

The contract termination process is the following:

  1. The brand owner (ordering business) can instantly suspend (suspend option in the own brand view), or terminate the contract (remove option).
  2. The manufacturer might send a note about the willingness to terminate the contract within three days by selecting the remove option in the assortment view. The brand owner receives information on possible contract termination, and can initiate new own brand product manufacturing process. After three periods the manufacturer can stop production.