Team playing

Participants who chose one of the "big" business forms, i.e. manufacturer, distributor or retail chain can play in teams.

If you create a business in the game with one of these forms you create its team, and become the team administrator.

  • at the very beginning you are the only person in the team
  • as the administrator, you can invite players to join your team
  • if the users you'd like to invite are not registered in Netious Market Challenge, you can send an invitation using their e-mail address
  • if the invited person has not responded it's possible to send a reminder
  • you can also remove invitations, and if the user is already in the team - remove them from the team

If you have received invitation to an existing team you can skip creating your own business, and join the team. However, if you join a team, you become a team member, but you do not have administrative rights, i.e.

  • you cannot invite to the team
  • you cannot send reminders
  • you cannot remove invitations or other team members