Business simulationNetious Market Challenge

is a training gamein which you play as a manufacturer, distributor or retailer.

Make business decisions and risk-free manage your virtual business. Fight for profit, market share before you start conquering real markets.

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Wide range of decision areash

The game covers all major decisions that are usually made in a FMCG business. Developing new products by manufacturers, selecting an assortment and allocating space on the shelf by distributors and retailers, selecting sources of supply, discount programs, pricing and positioning, stock management, private label products - you can decide on all of these. The more detailed analysis and fact-based decisions, the greater the chance of success in the virtual market.

Real competitors

You are not alone in the market (as in the real world). Your decisions affect other players. The decisions of other players affect your results. You are competing on the same category of products, as a manufacturer - with other manufacturers. Everyone also competes for limited shoppers’ spending power.

Dynamic market

Every day is one round. Every day the decisions of all players in the market are converted into consumer demand, the sale of all traders and the final profit (or loss). Every day you can analyze your reports, assess your situation (and of your competitors) and review your business decisions. You stay in the game and you can continue playing, maintaining market leadership or climbing to the top, correcting mistakes.

Advanced executive reports

Profit and loss statement, customer or product margin report, price monitoring, market share report, consumer survey results - use of such a wide range of reports supports decision making.

Simple and intuitive game interface

allows you to navigate between business decision forms and performance reports.

Playing in teams

Invite others to participate and share with other players decision areas. This will increase the efficiency of managing your virtual business.

Online access

During a boring meeting, with morning coffee, on the train, at the airport, you can follow and analyze the results of the game and make decisions. Decide how much time you need to effectively manage your virtual business.