The game panel

After the first login and setting up the business you are re-directed to the game panel. It's a module containing all the necessary information and tools to manage your business and communicate with different players and teams. The visible elements are:

  • The company overview visible in upper left corner. Apart from the company identification you will find here the basic parameters like available cash, EBITDA generated in the last period, and market share in the distribution level/channel achieved in the last period.
  • Game navigation, linking to the reports, business decisions modules, messages, help and settings.
  • Upper status bar. Containing information on time remaining to the end of current round, and until the beginning of the next one. By the end of current round you can freely change all the parameters and they do not impact your performance. These are the last saved parameters that would be taken into consideration during the re-calculation of the effects. The beginning of the next round is the timing where you'd be able to see the new, updated reports. Apart from the countdown clock, the status bar contains information on the signed in user and language selection. Below the upper bar you can see
  • The main game area. It's the area where all the reports, decision modules, messages, and all elements you can choose in the navigation are displayed.