The business is set up. What now?

After the company is set up it's critical to familiarize yourself with the game interface, its elements, report, and decisions you can make. The game assistant might be helpful here. It is launched automatically after the first login, and can be run by clicking on the "game assistant" button.

Before you proceed, analyse what decisions you can made. You have set your assortment range, and its parameters like prices. Supply sources are defined (for non-manufacturers). You can see whether it's the most optimum setting as the selling prices of your suppliers vary, and allow you to generate different margin levels. Are your selling prices always higher than buying prices? Are the suppliers' prices attractive enough to keep buying from? Maybe some of them have pricing so unattractive that it's better to stop buying from them at all? It's worth verifying the default manufacturing / purchase plan by product, and considering some purchase for the initial stock. As a manufacturer you should make sure your selling prices are higher than manufacturing cost... In the following sections you can find more detailed explanation of available reports and decisions you can make.

New game participants, after the first login, have limited functionalities available. The purpose is to introduce new player to the game and step-by-step clarification of the content. Regular visits to the game unlock new functionalities. After around 6 game periods all options should be unlocked.