What products are available in the game?

Technically the number of products in the game is unlimited. Manufacturers might produce, and other businesses might trade with products out of pre-defined in the game product subcategories. The list of subcategories is not fixed, and new subcategories are to be subsequently added to the game space. Each subcategory is characterized by its production profile, defining how much of which resource we need to manufacture a unit of product of this subcategory. The players cannot add new subcategories to the game, and the resources prices vary in time, reacting to demand changes for them.

Manufacturers produce their own products from the selected subcategory specifying the sales unit (volume), brand, and quality which improves the product perceptions among shoppers on one hand, and increases the manufacturing cost on the other.

As an example let's take the bottled beer, where for manufacturing we need glass (packaging), water, yeast, hop, and barley malt. The subcategory has specified production profile as the quantity of each of the ingredients needed to produce one liter of it. Sum of costs of all resources sums up to the basic manufacturing cost. The manufacturer might decide to produce beer in 0,33L bottles, name it with one of its brands, assign high quality parameter, and invest significantly in marketing communication, creating this way premium product.