Value, price, and revenue

Netious offers revenue management training based on the Netious Market Challenge business simulation, advice on pricing and discounting, incentive systems and strategic planning, everything your company needs to help increase the level of profit generated.

Why manage value?

Did you know that…

An increase of 1% in prices boosts profits much higher than a 1% increase in sales, or a 1% reduction in costs? However, only through conscious price management can this potential be released.

And yet…

Even the best pricing strategy will not work unless accompanied by a supporting rebate system for your customers and a compensation system for your employees. Treating discount and incentive policies as an integral part of the pricing strategy results in effective revenue management.

The company consists of managers only

Decisions are taken by all employees, and likewise, all employees influence the decisions of your customers. Awareness of the value of your offer, knowledge of the mechanisms which influence demand as well as profitability can enable your team to make the right decisions.



Netious Market Challenge

NMC is an advanced training game based on a business simulation. It ensures long-term effects as the participants develop a better understanding of the ins and outs of the value-based pricing strategy.

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Training Courses

Do you need training in revenue management, strategic analysis, profitability? In working with profit and loss statements? Training Courses using the Netious Market Challenge business simulation, supplemented by solving business case tasks together with a foundation in theory, will quickly and effectively raise the competence of your sales and marketing teams.



A strategic analysis which takes only one point of view into account is incomplete. It is necessary to understand your competitor's perspective in order to properly identify their strengths and weaknesses (and the related risks and opportunities).The Netious Market Challenge business simulation can provide the setting for a wargaming session, complete with a comprehensive final SWOT analysis.


Recruitment support

Netious Market Challenge is also a great recruitment tool. The assessment centre can be used to evaluate the behaviour of potential employees, aspects of teamwork and decision-making skills in a realistic – yet risk-free - environment.



Development and implementation of pricing policies and strategy, customer segmentation, rebate and incentive systems, the search for profit pools in the market, strategic analysis...


From strategy to execution

A strategy without an implementation plan is worthless. Policies and procedures, monitoring and reporting tools are necessary. Netious won’t leave you high and dry once your journey begins.